Let’s talk wormholes!


Speaking about science is definitely out of my confort zone.

That’s precisely why I’m doing it today.

Let’s talk wormholes.

wormhole (or Einstein–Rosen bridge or Einstein–Rosen wormhole) is a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations.

A wormhole can be visualised as a tunnel with two ends at separate points in spacetime (such as different locations, different points in time, or both). Or, as more commonly represented in the media, through the traditional pen and paper experiment:

Well, now it’s my turn to explain it.

In the video below, I’m going to do it in 1 minute, without the mainstreaming pen&paper approach and by telling a contemporary story. One of (climate-induced) migration.

With this video, I participated in the #WormholeChallenge launched by Kyle Hill.

That’s exciting!

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